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NEW FOR 2010

Exclusive installer of Remote Starters for the Smart Key Push-Button-Start on the 2010 Range Rover.

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Remote Starters


BMW Remote Starters by Performance ElectronicsFiber optics and can bus technology have replaced 12 volt wiring. When they say it can not be done, they only mean that they do not know how to do it.

By no means, am I saying that I can do every car on the road.  But, I have mastered some of the most asked for, that other installers will not touch.  Of all the products that I handle, remote starters can be the most challenging.  I can spend upwards of a hundred hours conquering the first of a new car model, and through the process I will create wiring diagrams, keep notes and take photographs.  If I let your vehicle in the door, it means that the research has been done; you are never the beta tester.

Remote engine starters themselves are a basic product.  They either work or they don't.  Will it work for the life of the car?  I hope so, because I put a lifetime warranty on the product and I do not want you to have to come back just as much as you don't.

I do not need to waste a lot of time describing insignificant details that are supposed to sell you on one product over another.  You push a button and the vehicle starts.
Use your cell phone to start your car


I do have one addition that is highly desirable to the people that have a use for it.  The ability to start your car by phone.  Train and bus commuters can use their cell phone to start their vehicle miles before they get to the station.  Those who work in an office  that places them beyond the range of the remote, can pick up their desk phone to start their car before leaving the office.  I have even installed remote starters for people who leave their car outside in Florida and can not plug it into a charger, they call the car once a month to let it run.  There is no up front usage, per call, or monthly fee.  Cost is the same for any vehicle, $400 additional to the base system.



There are too many vehicles, with different options, to even try to build a price list. The best way is to email me through "Contact" with the model year and make, and whether it has "keyless push button start".  I can then return a solid price quote.
Remote Starters for Complex Vehicles
Mercedes Benz with Infrared Keys or Keyless Go are the most exciting additions to the "Can Do" list, it includes all models of car or SUV. An exciting feature, is that you start the vehicle with the Panic button on the Mercedes key. The range is limited to the key's capability, yet perfect for the car parked in close proximity, an additional remote can be supplied for up to 3000' of range. Cost installed, $1,800.

As a guideline, most vehicles range between $1,200-$3,000 installed. Porsche Cayenne and Audi are at the top of the pricing, because an entire secondary ignition system has to be installed.  A full size 2010 Supercharged Range Rover is only $1,400.

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Range Rover 2010 Remote Start for Push Button Start