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NEW FOR 2010

Exclusive installer of Remote Starters for the Smart Key Push-Button-Start on the 2010 Range Rover.

Stuart Jones, Performance Electronics, Impeccable Installations, Radar Detection

You have invested in beauty and power. Enjoy that power without fearing it will get away from you.

Excelling in custom electronics for performance, luxury and exotic automobiles. Over 25 years of attention to detail and customer satisfaction that is obtained by a sole proprietor attending to each individual vehicle.
Performance Electronics, Porsche more

Some of the finest engineers in the world work for Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG in Stuttgart.  Performance, in every conceivable aspect of the word, is their sole ambition. Porsche combines horsepower with a classically renowned body, while incorporating the finest in handling.  Creature comforts including electronics,  are far down on their list of priorities. That is where I step in, Radar & Laser Protection is the most popular.  Click on the links at right for other available Porsche upgrades.

Performance Electronics, Inc. - Land Rover more

Land Rover has earned the status of carrying British Royalty.  And why not?  Such elegance simply cannot be classified as an SUV.  Beyond Radar & Laser Protection and despite being well appointed, there is still room for further additions beyond what is already installed.  Rear seat entertainment, the ability to control navigation while moving, video for the front passenger, reverse camera, iPod integration, Bluetooth and more.

Performance Electronics, Inc. - Custom Mercedes Installations more

Mercedes Benz possesses the  quintessential "quiet ride" of any vehicle in its class. Its aerodynamics, suspension and abundance of sound deadening material make it a perfect candidate for Radar & Laser Protection equipment. Rear seat and front passenger entertainment, use of navigation while in motion and updates to earlier models for items such as iPod, Bluetooth and Backup Sensing are all readily accomplished at Performance Electronics.

Performance Electronics, Inc. – BMW Installations more

BMW has always been at the forefront of electronics in cars. They were the first to put in radios worth stealing, which led them to the first factory installed alarm systems. BMW was the first to recognize the invention of the CD and introduce the CD-Changer. Then came the cellular phone, navigation and xenon headlights. There is still room for more improvements of the existing.

Performance Electronics, Inc. Audi Installations more

The Audi is an Autobahn car, designed for speed at a very comfortable level. With the recent release of the R8, Audi has now stepped into the high performance ring, the passing lane will be shared with the Porsche's. Radar & Laser Protection will offer peace of mind.  Incorporation of Rear Seat Entertainment, iPod Integration, Bluetooth, and Backup Sensing will make the ride even more enjoyable.

Performance Electronics, Inc. - GM Installations more

GM may seem out of place in this list. It's not that I won't take on other domestic vehicles; I based this selection on what I see the most of.  GM takes first place in my shop for full size SUV's that people want to outfit.  Video entertainment, use of navigation controls in motion, sound system upgrades, lighting upgrades, security safes, backup's not what can I do. It's what would you like?

Performance Electronics, Inc. - Exotic Installations more

Lamborghini, Bentley, Ferrari, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Maserati, did the names sound beautiful before the cars came along, or did the cars make the names beautiful? Warranting the attention of every onlooker, power and elegance prevail. But there is always room for electronic additions and improvement. If you have the car, you’re the one to demand the needs.

Performance Electronics, Inc. - Classic Installations more

Classic automobiles are in a league of their own. Unlike the modern car, there is no room for error, parts can not be replaced, others can not be repaired. Every possible precaution needs to be taken to maintain the originality. Electronic upgrades to a Classic open up challenges not seen in other cars, any equipment added was unheard of when the car was manufactured and needs unprecedented planning and impeccable handling.

Radar & Laser Protection

Performance Electronics, Inc. Laser Jamming Detection Systems

Flawlessly installed into your guages are warnings of what is trying to see you; while protected with counteraction and undetectable equipment.

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Range Rover 2010 Remote Start for Push Button Start

Remote Starters

Remote Starters, Stuart Jones, Performance Electronics

Fiber optics and can bus technology have replaced 12 volt wiring.  When they say it can not be done, they only mean that they do not know how to do it.

Video Systems

Video Systems Installation, Performance Electronics. Inc.

Movies, videos, computers and cameras are commonplace in the home.  Vehicles are now a new canvas for endless possibilities and entertainment.

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